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10 Reasons you aren't getting what you want

Updated: Jan 27

Why is it that even though you want to more energy, feel happier and calmer and to lose weight, you just can’t seem to do what it takes to make the changes that will give you what you want?

Thinking back to 2021 (ok so not the best year for comparison as we were locked down once again) but how many of your 2021 goals did you achieve? Did you start off enthusiastically in January only to find yourself having given up by February?

The problem is not known what to do – we know that we need to move, eat more fruit and veg and eat less processed, refined foods so why do we find ourselves doing the opposite?

Here are 10 reasons you are not getting what you want:

1. It wasn’t your idea

Was your goal dictated by someone else? Maybe your doctor told you to lose weight because you have high blood pressure? Are you going along with someone else’s goal to keep them company?

Our health is our most valuable asset and yet we struggle to look after it. The key to creating a health goal is to create something that really inspires you. Yes losing weight because you have high blood pressure should be motivating however often even when given this information, we can struggle to find the motivation to keep going as weight loss is really hard.

What is a reason for losing weight that gets you excited? Whether it’s walking up Mount Kilimanjaro, running around in the park with your kids or getting your confidence back, find a reason that makes you feel excited.

2. Your goal doesn’t align with your values

We all have our own personal value system that we have built over the course of our lives. Most of this has been created subconsciously, but these values guide our behaviour and everything we do.

Some examples are family, health, honesty, compassion, money, wealth, freedom, achievement. If your goal does not align with your values, you will find it hard to keep going with it.

3. The goal is too vague

Research has shown that we are 80% more likely to achieve our goals if you make them SMART goals, write them down and make a contract to achieve them.

SMART goals are

Specific - get fit is not specific however run 5k is,

Measurable -how can you measure your progress minutes run? Waist circumference?,

Achievable - is it actually possible to achieve this goal?,

Realistic - with the time and resources you have available, is your goal realistic? and

Timebound - make sure you have a deadline for when you want to complete your goal.

4. The goal is too big

It’s good to dream big but if the goal is too big it could overwhelm you and you give up. If you have a big goal such as running a marathon but you have never actually done any running, break it down into smaller goals (making sure each smaller goal is a SMART goal).

Start with a 5k run, then a 10k, then half a marathon and then run your marathon.

5. You give up too soon

One of the most common reasons you might not achieve a goal you set yourself is because you give up too soon. We tend to abandon goals if we don’t see progress as soon as we expect. Finding an accountability buddy can help you keep going even when you don’t feel like it.

6. You encounter set backs

Progress is never a straight linear line. It’s often zig-zagging and sometimes does a loop back on itself. Another of the main reasons you might abandon your goal is when you hit a setback. An injury, putting on a couple of pounds, anything that throws you off or makes you feel as though you are once step back.

The important thing with setbacks is to see it just for what it is and start again the next day. If weight loss is your goal and you’ve lost 5lbs but put 2lbs back on, you have still lost 3lbs. Or maybe after 3 weeks you haven’t lost any weight but maybe you have noticed that you have more energy, your moods are better, your skin is clearer. Progress doesn’t always come as you might expect so pay attention to the smaller wins on the way.

7. You don’t have time

This must be the most common barrier to people achieving their goals. If you don’t have time, find out why. Note down how you spend your time over the course of a day or two. Where is your time going and is it going on something more important than your goal? The 2 hours on social media or in front of the telly maybe time you could put to better use.

8. You lack discipline

Even with the smartest, most exciting goal, there will be times when you will have to rely on self-discipline. If this is something you struggle with, find ways to build in rewards to celebrate your progress.

9. You don’t have a plan

“If you are failing to plan you are planning to fail” (Benjamin franklin).

Once you have your SMART goals, make sure you have a plan of how you are going to make that happen. What resources do you need? What is your plan B if life throws you a curve ball (which it often does).

10. You are doing it alone

Every goal is easier to achieve when you have support to do it and this is where I can help you.

As a Registered Nutritional Therapist I have expert knowledge on the nutrition and lifestyle changes that will get you to your goal and I’ll be there by your side to keep you going when you hit those setbacks or barriers.

Book a complimentary mini consultation today to get you started.

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