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Work with me

Whatever your budget or situation there is a way I can support you, from my health membership, a range of online wellness programmes you can do at home through to bespoke 1:1 nutrition and lifestyle plans.


One to one 


Midlife Upgrade 



If nothing changes,

nothing changes

Where do you want to be 6 months from now? 

The sad truth is that without making changes to your diet and lifestyle, the chances are that you will be exactly the same as now - struggling with hot flushes, insomnia, fatigue, brain fog and an ever increasing waistline. 

Book your free consultation with me today

If you have had enough of feeling like this and want to feel like you again, book a complimentary 30 minute consultation to find out how I can help you with simple diet and lifestyle guidance that will make you feel like you again.

Online wellness


from £10

start at home

Discover my range of online wellness programmes that have everything you need to kick start your health transformation from the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you!

The 7 Day Sugar Detox


The Self Care Fix

14 day Detox

28 day Hormone Balancing plan

Transform your gut in 6 weeks

Supercharge your health in 8 weeks



Monthly wellness

join now

for £10


The Midlife Upgrade is the monthly membership club that will help you improve your health and build your own menopause toolkit so that you thrive not just survive through menopause.

Monthly meal plans and recipes

The Menopause Directory

The Menopause Health Plan

The Art of Living Well

The Library

Hot topic masterclasses

Q&A sessions

A community of midlife women

50% off online programmes

10% off Nutritional Therapy programmes

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