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The 7 Day Sugar Detox

  • 8Days


Do you sometimes feel you’re being driven by an invisible force – usually in the direction of the fridge or treats cupboard? And you know you definitely would be able to stick to your diet if you didn’t get the irrepressible urge for something sweet... If you can’t seem to get through the day without coffee, chocolate, sugar, or processed ‘treat’ foods, every day can feel like a bit of a hamster wheel. If you want to step off – and to crush your cravings for good – you need to ditch sugar. We are designed with an evolutionary preference for sweet tastes which is thought to have evolved as a survival mechanism to help us identify and consume energy-rich foods. However, the availability of sugar today is at a mis-match from our evolutionary past when these foods would have been available according to the seasons and our need. Sugar activates the brain's reward centres, leading to feelings of pleasure and satisfaction which can make it hard to resist. However, once you ditch sugar your energy levels will soar, you'll lose weight, you'll have better digestion, and your mood will improve. Giving up sugar can seem like an impossible task but how about trying for just 7 days? Even in that short time you will notice the benefits and you it may just give you the kickstart you need to give up make some longer term changes!

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