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Michaela Newsom

How long has it been since you felt really good? 

Are you struggling with unrelenting fatigue, anxiety, mood swings, brain fog and body aches that leave you feeling drained before the day even begins?

Are you gaining weight that just won’t shift no matter how much you exercise or how little you eat?

Or are you worried about your long term health and want to avoid heart disease, diabetes or dementia?

It's time to feel like 

you again

Menopause is inevitable

suffering isn't

You have more control over your menopause than you think!

Menopause is going to happen. There is no avoiding it. However, it doesn't have to mean years of suffering with palpitations, muscle and joint aches and weight gain, brain fog, hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, insomnia, anger, anxiety and feeling blue.  

A personalised plan based on your unique biochemistry will resolve your symptoms and get you feeling like you again - but better.

What would you do with an extra 20 years of good health?

On average women spend a quarter of their lives in poor health, typically starting in perimenopause.

My name is Michaela and I am a Registered Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Nutrigenomics Practitioner and I help women get back in control of their health so that they can live a life they love. 

Instead of waking up feeling overwhelmed and exhausted before the day even begins, imagine waking up every day feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the world, with energy to spare for the things you love, in a body you love. 


That’s what I am here to help you achieve. 

If nothing changes,

nothing changes

Where do you want to be 6 months from now? 

The sad truth is that without making changes to your diet and lifestyle, the chances are that you will be exactly the same as now - struggling with anxiety, low mood, insomnia, fatigue, brain fog and an ever increasing waistline. 

Helping women feel
good again

is my superpower

I understand the frustration of trying various solutions that promise relief but fall short. That's why my approach is different. There are no one-size-fits-all plans here. We work together to understand your unique needs, challenges, and goals. Whether it's crafting a nutrition plan tailored to your body's changing needs, incorporating lifestyle modifications that make a real impact, or recommending targeted supplements that can provide much-needed relief – it's all about what works for YOU.

A personalised, bespoke health plan can help you find new found energy, vitality and confidence and put you in the drivers seat of your health.

What my clients say

"Michaela has an innate understanding of the challenges that her clients face and reflects this in the plans that she creates for them whilst also coaching them to achieve more and move beyond their comfort zone in order to achieve their goals."

Miss J. O

Online wellness


from £10

start at home

Discover my range of online wellness programmes that have everything you need to kick start your health transformation from the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you!

The 7 day Sugar Detox


The Self Care Fix

14 day Detox programme

28 day Hormone Balancing programme

Transform your gut in 6 weeks

Supercharge your health in 8 weeks



Monthly wellness

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The Midlife Upgrade is the monthly membership club that will help you improve your health and build your own menopause toolkit so that you thrive not just survive through perimenopause.

Monthly meal plans & recipes

The Menopause Directory

The Menopause Health Plan

The Art of Living Well

Hot topic Masterclasses

Q&A sessions

50% off online programmes

10% of 1:1 Nutritional Therapy programmes

Book your free consultation with me today

Let’s not just manage symptoms; lets address the root causes and lay the foundation for lasting well-being. If you are ready to reclaim your vitality, embrace your health and enjoy a quality of life that you may have thought was a thing of the past, book a complimentary 30 minute introductory call and let’s get started. 

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Discover 7 secrets to a happy, healthy menopause with my free ebook. Download yours today by signing up to my newsletter today for free!

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