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Metabolic Balance is an individualised, structured nutrition programme that is designed to optimise your metabolism so that you burn fat, balance hormones and rebalance your physiology.

The Metabolic Balance programme is more than a weight-loss programme it helps to reduce inflammation, improve your skin, improve sleep, boost energy, improve concentration and banish brain fog and improve metabolic markers such as cholesterol and blood glucose which may reduce your risk of chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. With a success rate of over 90%, Metabolic Balance has proven itself as a way to achieve life changing health benefits. 

An that rebalances your hormones and metabolism to improve your overall health and wellbeing and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

How does it work?

 Everyone is different which is why a one size fits all approach doesn’t always work. The best results are achieved when you take a personalised approach based on your actual physiology. This is why the Metabolic Balance programme scientifically proven and is based on over 20 years of research. It starts with a blood test which measures 36 different blood markers as well as your body measurements and food preferences to create a plan just for you. The plans are based on whole, natural foods which are selected for the effect that the food has on your metabolism. There is no calorie counting, shakes or supplements on the Metabolic Balance programme. 

Who is it for?

This programme is for you* if you are wanting to:

  • lose weight

  • increased energy

  • correct hormonal imbalances

  • eliminate with cravings and hunger

  • change their body composition 

  • sleep better

  • clear brain fog

  • improve concentration

  • support PCOS & fertility

  • reduce your risk of metabolic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes

*If you have a pre-exisitng medical condition that you are currently being treated for, please consult with your doctor before starting the programme.

*If you are currently on medication for any  pre-existing condition, it is essential that you monitor your progress with your doctor as the dosage of your medications may need to be reviewed. 

​What's involved?

All new clients must have an initial consultation to determine if the Metabolic Balance Programme is suitable for them. They will then need to complete a questionnaire, take some body measurements and undergo a blood test. 

This information is then used to create their 4 phase plan.

Phase 1 – The preparation phase

This is a 2 day gentle detox to prepare you for phase 2.

Phase 2 – The strict adjustment phase

This phase lasts for 14 days and during this time you are required to strictly adhere to your list of permitted foods. You are required to eat 3 meals a day and strenuous exercises should be avoided during this phase. 

Phase 3 – the relaxed adjustment phase

This phase lasts until you achieve your goals and typically will last 8-10 weeks. During this phase additional foods are reintroduced as well as exercise. 

Phase 4 – The maintenance phase

This is a life-long phase based on the principles you have followed during the preceedign weeks and remaining excluded foods are introduced.  

This programme is not for you if:​

  • You are pregnant

  • You are suffering renal or hepatic insufficiency

  • You are vegan

  • You are looking for a quick fix

  • You are not committed to making the changes to your diet and lifestyle that are required



This programme includes:​

  • A comprehensive blood test at the start of the programme (RRP £450)

  • An individualised food list and meal plan for each of the 4 phases of the programme

  • A follow up blood test at the end of the programme (RRP £350)

  • Coaching support, motivation and accountability

  • Email support between consultations

*Blood tests are taken at The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) in central London. Alternatively, for those outside of London, you can have your blood drawn locally and sent to TDL by courier (additional costs for the blood draw and courier will apply). 

The cost of this programme is £995.

Book a complimentary 30 minute consultation to see if this programme is right for you.