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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Nutritional therapist?

Nutritional therapy is based on the functional medicine model of healthcare in which every aspect of an individuals health, diet and lifestyle is considered in creating a personalised plan to achieve your health goals.

Each symptom is a clue to any underlying imbalances in your physiology which together help us to create a diet and lifestyle plan to bring you back into balance and restore health.

As a nutritional therapist I help you overcome the challenges you may have in implementing the dietary and lifestyle changes required for you to achieve your goals. Often this will require breaking habits and changing behaviours built up over a lifetime that are based on limiting beliefs that are deep within our subconscious minds. 

What is involved?

All clients are required to complete a lengthy health history questionaire. By gathering this information before our first consultation, we gain an insight into what might be going on meaning we can focus our time in your consultation on you and achieving your health goals. 

The first consultation is around 90 minutes. In this session we review your health story and discuss the various options available before negotiating a plan that works for you. 

Follow up sessions are shorter, around 30 minutes, and in these session we review your progress and adjust your plan as required. These sessions are also where we work on overcoming any blocks you may have to achieving your health goals, whether this is a compulsive snack habit, a fondness for sweets or a limiting belief you may hold about your body, health or food.

We work at a pace that suits you so if dramatic overhauls are your thing then that's what will be in your personalised plan but if you prefer a slow and steady approach, then thats what you will find in your personalised plan. Rest assured that we leave no stone unturned in getting you to achieve your health goals and all personalised plans reflect the work required for you to get there. 

Will I have to pay for additional supplements and testing?

Whilst we focus on achieving your health goals through dietary and lifestyle changes, we do recommend functional testing as we find this often helps us to create very targeted and specific interventions and we will suggest supplements where we believe they will be of benefit. Supplements and testing costs are additional costs.

Can I pay in instalments?

Payment plans are available for the 12 week programmes.